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Kawaii Plushies is your place to find super-adorable plushies! Each one of our plushies has its own story and our fans are adding to the story! When you buy a Kawaii Plushie, you can submit your own story to add to the growing lore! Whether you buy Blue Boy, Yellow fellow, Snoop or Trica, you can add your very own story to the official stories of our plushies! See our contact page for more details!

Kawaii Plushies Plus sources its plush from clean polyester that's 100% safe to wash. We are sure you're going to love our plushies just as much as we do! Our plushies are made from a very special polyester fabric that cannot be found in any other plush in the world! As a result, our plushies are uniquely soft, squishy and so very huggable!