About Us & Contact Page

We here at Kawaii Plushies Plus love plushies! We create the most adorable and softest plushies ever! Our plushies are made from a secret polyester blend that no other plushie company uses. As a result, we are hands-down the best at making totally soft and huggable plushies and we're sure you're going to adore them!

We love to vend at anime conventions, festivals, and even comic cons, so look for us at your next event! 

Contact Page:

To contact us for support, questions, or concerns, or to hear about what conventions we will be at next, please email us at plushplus408@gmail.com

If you want to add your story of one of our Kawaii Plushies, email your story to plushplus408@gmail.com
Your story will be reviewed by one of our team members within 60-90 days and we will notify you when a decision has been made. If we accept your story, it will be featured on our website and potentially on future marketing material and other company materials. However, no compensation of any kind will be awarded. Your name may be credited to the story if you so choose, but that is optional. Anonymous submissions are also accepted and reviewed, and potentially could also be featured on our website, marketing materials, and other business materials.